Small Business Marketing Story


You, The Small Business Owner
Running a small business or non-profit is tough. Your time and resources are taxed. We understand this isn’t just a job, it’s your passion, your cause. And your livelihood very much depends on its success.

Many of you have tried to handle small business marketing on your own, only to realize you need to be more focused on business development and customer service, and, more importantly, your family. We know your challenges. You want a great website and marketing tools, but you don’t want to spend a fortune until you begin to see results and an increase in cash flow.

Why We Started Our Unique Approach
As a small business owner, you deserve the best marketing efforts possible. Many large agencies are either too expensive or give small business owners and non-profits second-tier service. We don’t believe that is right.

We realize you want the SAME results and expertise that the BIG agencies provide, but at an affordable cost, so we came up with a unique approach…Moonlighting! All of our Creatives (designers, writers, and coders) have significant agency experience, BUT, we moonlight your project– working with passion on your project outside of our day-job hours and big agency rates.

This SAVES YOU MONEY while delivering you the same INCREDIBLE marketing tool you’d receive from a big agency. We do this with the blessing of our big agency CEOs. They know their big agency isn’t the best set-up for small businesses and non-profits.

Simple for You
While our creatives often work the same hours that owls fly and the moon shines (now you know the meaning of our name), it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to call us at midnight. Your project will have a single point of contact that is always available for you to call. Yes, even during normal, sunlit hours. One simple call is all you’ll need to ask us questions, provide input or request a change.

Our Founder
founder small business marketing fort worthJordan Fowler has experience in non-profit and small businesses having served in executive leadership in both sectors. He has served as the Creative Director and Communications Director at a 3,000 member organization and also possesses advertising agency experience, having served as Marketing Manager and Senior Account Executive for one of the most successful advertising agencies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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