Hightide Web Design Project

The Challenge

Hightide Settlement Services, a nimble and specialized title and settlement provider in California, needed a site built for their launch. This industry faces growing regulations, and as a result, many settlement service agencies have either consolidated into large firms or shut their doors. Hightide realized a crucial niche in the market. They needed to message their uniqueness. They have the knowledge base to deliver on compliance while providing more personal and tailored services to mortgage providers than the cookie-cutter approach used by most large settlement service providers.

How We Did It

We built Hightide Settlement a clean, bright site that highlights the three main spheres of service they offers in the front navigation. We featured site copy on every page which pointed to the customizable nature of their solutions and their ability to listen and respond quickly. In the image selection process, ocean and tide imagery was chosen to communicate depth and stability as well as reinforcing the color palette of their brand.

The Results

Hightide Web Design Project


HTsettlement.com launched in July 2015. As we start to gather success stories from them, we’ll be sure to share them here.

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