non-profit marketing print

The Challenge
Keene ISD wanted to promote open enrollment to the parents of students in nearby, larger school districts. There were limited windows of enrollment allowed by the state. They needed to capitalize on an upcoming window

How We Did It
The most cost beneficial way to reach the limited region surrounding the district was with a door hanger. Other mass media would have been an overreach of the specific areas they were targeting. Moon and Owl designed an appealing door hangers and corresponding landing page on their district website. The selling point was that students who were excluded from activities in the larger districts could participate in sports and extra-curricular activities in the smaller Keene schools. Volunteers distributed the door hangers saving the district significant money in their promotion.

The Results
Keene ISD surpassed their desired goal of student transfers and gained over $350,000 in revenue from the year-one campaign in 2014.  UPDATE: We are launching an expanded campaign including billboards in 2015 with Keene ISD. Their total return to date is $700,000+, a 100x return on investment.

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