A Business Name for Your Start-Up

A Business Name for Your Start-Up

So you have an idea, service, or product and you think you have a GREAT business name ready to go. Stop, just please stop, before you give your start-up business a name. Your name is crucial. It will be one of the first words out of your mouth every time you talk about what you do. It be the name people speak when they talk about tell others about your great offerings. It will be the business name people search for online.

Avoid the headache and costs of re-branding later by spending the time to ensure that your business name tells people about your uniqueness from the start.

Tell Your Story With Your Business Name

Our Name: The Moon & Owl Marketing Story

small business marketing specialistWe selected Moon & Owl Marketing because of a unique moonlighting approach we use to provide business owners the exact quality of marketing services they would they would receive from a large agency at a fraction of the price.

Our business name is a reminder about our origins and methodology–moonlighting. Moonlighting is defined as having a second job in addition to one’s regular employment.

Moon & Owl has a passion to help start-ups, launches and small business owners whether your company has hyper-local or international aspirations.  All of our designers, writers, and online specialists have big agency experience (most of them still work for these agencies as their day jobs), but love the excitement of helping new businesses and small businesses grow.

Each of our staff works during the moonlit hours on your project. It’s anything but a drag. It fuels us! We love that we get to  think outside the box to help you grow.

Because we have no large-agency overhead (buildings, insurance, espresso machines, etc.) but the same great folks moonlighting, we are able to provide the big agency know-how at a price MUCH lower than a large agency has to charge.

(Large agencies are not set-up to handle start-ups, small business and entrepreneurs. Their leadership knows this and each of our Moon& Owl team member’s CEOs have given their blessing for them to pursue this. After you become HUGE with million dollar marketing budgets, those CEOs know they can then target you!)

Our business name speaks to our approach.

So should yours.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few solid articles on the importance of creating your business name.

This is a must read regarding naming a business. After you read our article on naming a small business, read this one.

Practical online tools to help your breakthrough mental roadblocks on a name.

Securing your business name legally.

If you need business naming assistance, we’ll be glad to help. Learn how your business name resonates with consumers. Know what it will take to get your name to start ranking online with our M&O Online Assessment. Determine if you’ll face any trademark headaches. We want you to succeed. Launch with the best business name possible!


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