Small Business SEO: Get Customers to Find You Online Using Guerrilla SEO

Small Business SEO: Get Customers to Find You Online Using Guerrilla SEO

What is Small Business SEO?

If you own a small business and have a website (which you should), you know trying to get rankings on Google is tough. Small business SEO or search engine optimization is the process of getting you ranked on search terms people use, capturing theses searchers, and gaining their visit on your site.

You KNOW you need your website to rank, but how?

Maybe you called up a major SEO agency and choked down their quotes that typically start at $2500+ per month.

There is a better way to get traffic…

Start a Guerrilla SEO™ campaign that is affordable yet gains results for small businesses (and mid- and large- who want to save money for that matter).

Here are steps used in the Guerrilla SEO™ method:

1.Find important keywords for your small business SEO campaign.

Guerilla small business SEO Keyword pic

What are the words or phrases that people search  that relate to your products or services? You need to know those keywords and target them for ranking. You also need to know terms and phrases that don’t lead to conversion and eliminate those.

We once had a client who came to us while with a large SEO who were ranking them on terms related to products they didn’t provide. While people did click onto their site, they quickly bounced away as they didn’t find what they were really looking for.

That caused the business owner frustration.

Of course, that big SEO ran PPC and was racking up charges for terms that weren’t relevant all in the sake of showing increased (but useless) traffic.

So this particular business owner FIRED their big SEO and moved to our Guerrilla SEO for Small Business program. Soon they had their first front page ranking!

Where do we start?

We’ll do the research with our tools and show you the words we think are your best option and get your feedback.

We can even tell you what keywords your competitors are using to gain rank.


2. Write blogs on these keywords that are perfectly structured to be Google and search engine friendly.

Blog for Small Business SEO

Fresh content on your site is important. It is important this content is structured in a way that the search engines recognize what the article is about in terms of keywords so they can gobble it up.

There are some fundamental practices like placing the keyword in the title and first paragraph, as well as headers and image tags that can REALLY help your rankings!

The keyword phrase also needs to occur a certain amount of times in blog with synonyms used. Use it too little and you’ll get passed over. Use it too often and Google will think you are gaming the system and penalize you.

We can write original content OR….

Take the content you write and optimize it so that Google says, YUM!

3. Send this blog out to the right sites for syndication.

SEO for small business syndication

In the old days (1990’s) of small business SEO, you could throw up a million links on a link farm (a junk page with nothing but links) that pointed back to your own site and get ranked. No longer.

Google’s algorithm is smarter now and wants to see links coming back to your site from sites with strong authority that it trusts.

Enter your own custom built web 2.0 network. We build out a network for your small business with 25+ reputable sites (think well known platforms like Diigo, Tumblr,, Blogger, Weebly).

When a blog is posted on your website it, it “automagically” triggers a recipe we create and fires out to all these platforms with backlinks to your original article.

This creates 25 strong authority backlinks that Google, Bing and Yahoo LOVE!

You start climbing the rankings! We manage the network and recipes.

4. Add the secret small business SEO sauce…SwarmSearch™.

SEO Business SwarmSearch

Google, Bing, and Yahoo are looking to see what happens when people search your keyword.

  • Do they click through to your site?
  • Do they stay there once they get there and look at additional pages?
  • Or do they bounce?

We are part of an exclusive network of US based micro-task workers. These are real humans who we instruct to search a keyword on which you are attempting to rank, and then click through and remain on your site for several minutes, clicking through other pages.

These aren’t bots (automated-code), as Google can recognize those.

These are real people living in the United States who use your site as a real human would. We can even have them share your content across social media channels.

This process kickstarts your ranking as the search engines are looking finding what they are looking for—people searching your term and then staying on your site.


Does Guerilla SEO for Small Business work?

We have a Dallas-Fort Worth client who spent months with a big SEO agency. They didn’t crack the first page of Google for anything–despite the “just wait” and “soon, soon” comments from the big SEO company

So they fired them and adopted our package…we were already doing their print and social media marketing with solid results.

We started this process and soon they were on the front page of Google for one of their product’s needed keywords.

A local church called us because they were on page 50 of Google for the term “churches in Haslet.

After some careful work and in just 2 months, we have them ranking on the front page of Google for that term as well as 3 others that are key for their growth.

Here’s a little secret…

It’s the ONLY SEO we do for our own agency. That’s it. And YOU found us!


The Best News…No HUGE SEO Agency Prices!

It’s an affordable SEO strategy!

This process is streamlined and we can tailor your services. Do you like to write and are proficient at it? Great, we’ll simply optimize the content

How often do you want or need content? We’ll help you decide depending on the competitiveness of they keyword.

Our Guerrilla Small Business SEO packages start as low as $275 a month.

Call us today to get your rankings climbing. 817-889-1487.




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