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Tell your story with a beautiful website whose content delivers customers to your doorstep. Our listen-first approach ensures your design accomplishes your marketing goals. Best of all, you’ll get great design at a small business price because of our unique moonlighting approach.

Our approach is different. We have a proven process that ensures you get a site that delivers conversions while minimizing your stress and worry. We have walked many clients, just like you, through this step-by-step process and they come through it saying, “Wow, that was actually easy.”

Your Web Design and Development Process

Small Business Web Design

Strategic Analysis Review

Knowing where you and competitors currently are on the digital map is crucial before starting. Spending money on a beautiful site that has no foundation isn’t a good investment. This discovery process ensures you are building your website on a solid foundation.

  • A review of your existing sitemap and site structure.
  • A review and revision of all written content and all graphical content (photos, etc.) to ensure they meet the professionalism needed.
  • A review of your “favorite sites list,” including any discussion for clarity.
  • A review of your chief competitors’ sites (including keywords for which they rank, site structure weaknesses, etc.)
  • A review of any analytics data available.

Site Structure Creation

All of the search engines look at keywords on your site in order to understand and rank your site. Where these keywords occur is vital–in titles, meta-descriptions, image tags, etc. We make sure your page is designed around keywords people actually search.

  • Keyword Research for optimum SEO benefits
  • Sitemap Creation (an outline of the site)

Content Creation

Your site’s copy isn’t just text to fill beautiful design. It is what will convince people to like, trust and buy your services or products. Our copywriters always write from the perspective of your audience. They are asking only one thing, “How does this benefit me?” We answer that question clearly.

  • All copy written, edited, and professionally proofed.

Design Proofs

Design matters. Your website need to look beautiful but is there a deeper purpose behind the design. We want your website to tell a story not only in words but also in how people actually engage with it. This is called user experience or UX. Giving proper weight, emphasis, and priority to the right things is essential to covert visitors to customers.

  • Wireframe of site (black and white drawing of content placement and size).
  • Color palette presentation.
  • Home page full color design and interior page template full color design for your approval.


We code your website with care. We don’t bloat down your site with slow loading, unneeded code. Every line is written to perform as efficiently as possible. We also make sure everything needed for the search engines to gobble up your site is included.

  • Merging approved content, graphics, and needed functionality into a proof site.
  • SEO Titles, Tags and descriptions place on each page so you are Google/search engine friendly.
  • Site crawled with Screaming Spider to make sure all meta fields are complete.
  • Preliminary speed test to increase page load times (Google likes fast pages).

Proofing, Revisions

Just like when you buy a new home, you do a walk-through with us creating a master punchlist for those final tweaks. Because we’ve been communicating and getting your approvals throughout, this is a painless and minimal exercise just to polish things up.

  • Comprehensive site walkthrough.
  • All edits and revisions made from your punch list.
  • You approve final edits.


Your site is seamlessly rolled over to final hosting server from demo server. If you have hosting, we’ll gladly put it there but if you need hosting we have great options as well.

Site Optimization (immediately upon launch)

We aren’t done quite yet (unlike many web designers). We want to optimize your site on its final hosting location and test every aspect of it. We make sure all the ordering, ecommerce, forms and plugins are communicating correctly. We’ll even write a press release about the new site for you to share.

  • Install Google Analytics to measure traffic.
  • Sitemap submitted to Webmaster Tools to increase Google’s speed of indexing the site.
  • Test order products in multiple formats.
  • All forms on website submission tested to make sure you receive them.
  • SEO plugins and other final optimizer plugins installed.
  • Test article fired to ensure pickup by syndication network (this also speeds up the indexing by Google as it sees these backlinks.)
  • Additional speed test performed on final server location and site optimized for fastest load times.
  • Optional Press Release created announcing new site (+$100 for writing, placement done by the hour)

As you can see, this is a thorough process covering every aspect of your site’s design and development. This is what sets us apart from our competitors. Discount web developers often skip many of these important steps, leaving you with an inferior site.

Your site is the foundational piece to your marketing strategies—a hub of credibility that almost every future customer will visit.

We can also provide ongoing support, updates and online collaboration with any of our packages. Our most successful clients work with us in an ongoing role. Any package can be customized to provide you the exact online services you need.